Live: ‘Stoner Ghost Fest’ in Utrecht


Some time ago the American rockers of The Midnight Ghost Train released their second album ‘Cold Was The Ground’. And now their already at the last show of the European tour. Together with three Dutch bands this American stoner-rock trio is torn up the DB’s in Utrecht on the 29th of March 2015. And I’m glad we were there!

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Review: Special Providence – Essence Of Change


After listening to this album for the first time, I was ready to destroy it completely. I was to bury it six feet deep into the wet Dutch soil and never to listen to it again. But, as a good reviewer is supposed to do, I listened to it again, and again, and again. And that is when ‘Essence Of Change’ became a good record. The progressive Hungarians of Special Providence have done a pretty good job!

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Review: The Poodles – Devil In The Details

141219_THE POODLES_DevilInTheDetails_1500x1500

The honor of being the first new post on my brand new website is another one of those bands that have been around for quite some time, but that I never heard of before! Probably because they never really made it out of their home country. With a lot of Hard Rock and some Glam Metal the Swedish band The Poodles release their sixth album ‘Devil In The Details’.

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Review: Mammoth Mammoth – Volume IV: Hammered Again


Last month I reviewed an album by the American band The Midnight Ghost Train. In the review I said that sludgy rock is one of my favorites. And now, at the end of March, the band Mammoth Mammoth will be releasing their fourth album. I won’t go over the sludge rock again, but ‘Volume IV: Hammered Again’ is one of those rock records.

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Sabaton Saturday: ‘Counterstrike’


My favorite war-facts are the ones that you never ever knew about. The ones that you read about and think, “How many people still remember this?” One of those moments happened to me last week when brainstorming for a new Sabaton Saturday. So this week on Overall Loudness’ Sabaton Saturday: ‘The Six Day War’, or, in other words, the ‘Third Arab-Iraeli War’. Which is featured in Sabaton’s ‘Counterstrike’.

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GMM Friday Metaldome: Evergrey


New names were announced by the Graspop organisation last week. One of the recently introduced performers will be no one less than the Swedish Evergrey. That’s one band that I’m definitely gonna see live. But here’s some reasons why you should go, or stay away.

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Review: Heidevolk – Velua

Heidevolk - Velua

This has been one hell of a listen for me, personally. The Dutch band Heidevolk has been writing their lyrics in their native language since they exist and, as a Dutchman, I cannot explain how weird metal songs sound in your own language. I hope you English-speaking people don’t experience this every time. But from here on the review for the new pagan/folk metal album by Heidevolk: ‘Velua’.

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Sabaton Saturday: ‘Night Witches’

Sabaton - Heroes Cover art

In, and after, the second world war the rights and places of women in the world, and especially in the United States, changed drastically. The men were gone off to fight in the overseas war and slowly the women were forced to be doing the tasks the men used to do, before they left.
But also in the war itself, women were very much involved. So this week on Overall Loudness’ Sabaton Saturday: The 588th Night Bomber Regiment, a.k.a. the ‘Night Witches’.

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Interview: Moonspell


2015 saw us some very fine releases already. Among them was the new record ‘Extinct’ from the Gothic metal pioneers Moonspell. Frontman Fernando Ribeiro was kind enough to pick up the phone to tell me, and you all, something about this new record, the songs on it and that Moonspell will not be going extinct. At least not yet.

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Graspop 2015 Mainstage 2: Asking Alexandria


Influenced by bands like Guns ‘N Roses, Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot, but also by The Devil Wears Prada and metalcore giants Bring Me The Horizon. Asking Alexandria has been in a major run of form lately and have announced their fourth album to be released this year. 

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