3. Need – Orvam (A Song For Home)

Need-Orvam-A-Song-for-Home Cover

This is a very interesting entry, mostly because a lot of you will not know the band. Need is a Greek band that fell onto my doorstep last summer to be reviewed for the Lords Of Metal e-zine. After having released two pretty bad albums, they return with ‘Orvam (A Song For Home)’ and it is one big succes.

‘Orvam’ is the Greek word “mavro”, but reversed. “Mavro” is Greek for Black, and therefore we get a very interesting album title. Because what is reversed black? It is not white, that’s for sure, but it gives food for thought.

Opening with ‘Lifeknot’, a song that will not convince you right away. Mostly the vocals give you that feeling, because they are kind of raw and unpolished. Once you get used to the vocals, a whole, fantastic album unfolds.

With progressive pearls like ‘Mother Madness’, with a fan-tas-tic refrain, to the eighteen minute long title song, everything just hits the spot with an amazing precision.

Want to read more about Need and the origin of ‘Orvam’? Read my interview with guitarist Ravaya here.

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