5. Blues Pills- Blues Pills

bluespills cover

It’s amazing how easy it sometimes seems to be. A woman decides to form a new band, with a bit of a hippy, retro sound. Then she recruits a couple of metal musicians that agree to give in to the sound, to make a lovely prog-rock album, with it’s roots deep into the psychedelic. And that’s exactly Blues Pills.

There are hardly any bad songs on the album. From ‘High Class Woman’ a five song list of high quality tracks. ‘River’ is one of the small disappointment. Not because it’s a bad track, but because this song appeared on an EP earlier, being much longer and more attractive.

With this self-titled debut release Blues Pills have already made a big name for themselves. At the release of the live demo, earlier in 2014, critics were already amazed. So was I, and that’s exactly why the album is halfway my album top 10.

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