8. Sabaton – Heroes

Sabaton - Heroes Cover art

After their 2012 release of ‘Carolus Rex’ the Swedes of Sabaton shifted their focus back to the more global history. The Swedish history of king Carolus was very interesting, but ‘Heroes’ covers more of the smaller, unknown stories in, for example, World War II.

Sabaton is one of my most beloved bands and at the beginning of 2014 I would have hoped they were higher up this top ten. It’s obvious, I guess, if you look at the whole ‘Sabaton Saturday’ category, that this is a favorite of mine.

But ‘Heroes’ is a good album, that’s the conclusion. With songs like ‘Resist And Bite’, ‘Night Witches’, ‘Soldier Of 3 Armies’ and ‘To Hell And Back’, Sabaton have released a load of potential hits.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of bad songs as well. So the album finishes mid-table.

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