9: Alternative 4 – The Obscurants

The obscurants cover image

After the brilliant 2011 release of ‘The Brink’, Alternative 4 returned this year with the follow-up called ‘The Obscurants.
The band formed by Duncan Patterson, known from Antimatter, Ion and, most of all, Anathema.

Patterson gave his project the same name as one of Anathema’s most interesting releases. Very smart, of course, because real fans will go and look up your new band for sure.

And ‘The Obscurants’ has become a very good and interesting album. Where ‘The Brink’ was a mindf*ck masterpiece, this album is slightly less brilliant. That doesn’t mean it is a bad album, not at all. The atmosphere that is created by different sounds and soft, minimalistic music is very well thought through.

The song ‘Dina’ even breathes a fantastic Pink Floyd like atmosphere. While ‘Returning The Screw’ and ‘Paracosm’ sound darker and minimalistic. A very good album, worth the listing!

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