When I started thinking about a blog it wasn’t really hard to think of a subject.

There are little subjects that I cannot stop talking about and my biggest obsession? Heavy Metal.

And that’s exactly what is going on! This blog will cover only music that manages to get the stamp ‘Overall Loudness’.
My first steps in writing texts about metal were set on the e-zine ‘Lords Of Metal‘, a monthly magazine covering new heavy albums, interviews and shows.

While on the blogging road there will be more and more subjects added to the site. One of them is already up and running: ‘Sabaton Saturday’.
A weekly post covering very important lyrics about war, made by the most popular Metal Machine of this moment.


But who am I?
My name is Ruben Borger, a Dutchman born and raised in Monnickendam. A beautiful town north of our capitol Amsterdam.
Ever since I was little my father and uncle would feed me with the most impressive, brilliant and heavy music.
My very first and all time favorite band is definitely Iron Maiden, but I was raised with Rammstein, Judas Priest, Joe Satriani and Primal Fear as well.

And now, aged to 21, I am studying Journalism and writing a blog to pave the road to being a good journalist.

Please enjoy the Blog and Rock On!