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Jackson Firebird – Shake The Breakdown


How do you create a good, solid record? It’s a question that every new band wants answered, I guess. The problem is that there’s only a select group of people that can tell you that. If you’re just starting by yourselves, in the basement, you’ll have to figure it out on your own. Some bands tend to do too much, but that’s not how Jackson Firebird works. The Mildura, Australia, based rock duo has just released their second album ‘Shake The Breakdown’, which breathes simplicity. Let’s see what kind of breakdown these two guys have in mind.

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Review: Hasse Fröberg And The Musical Companion – HFMC


New and unknown progressive rock and metal bands are always welcome. But sometimes you got these older and more experienced musicians that feel the need to do some solo work. You had the Liquid Tension Experiment with members of Dream Theater and Neal Morse, former vocalist and keyboard player, went solo as well. In between the work he does as the vocalist of The Flower Kings, Hasse Fröberg wanted to do his own stuff. That is where ‘HFMC’ sprouted.

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Interview: Guilty As Charged


Last year the Belgian Thrash Metallers of Guilty As Charged released their debut album called ‘Leap Of Faith’. Doing everything themselves, without any help of a label at all. It’s a big step and also a great adventure for a young band like this. Hoping for a place in the Red Bull Bedroom Jam, bassist Hannes de Caluwé has found time to talk about everything that’s going on. “It all took a lot of time and it has absorbed quite a lot of money, too, but we’re very proud of what it has become!”

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