Review: Civilian – ‘The Second’

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A lot of people have the ambition to do something special. They might even set a world record. The fun thing about world records is that you can do it in every way you want. So if you are a band and you want to make the world’s “shortest song”, you can do that. And Civilian has decided it was the time to break the current record.

Civilian from left to right: Johan van dan Berghe (drums), Mark van Luijk (vocals), John Thijs (guitars), David Dejeneffe (guitars), Christophe Beliën (bass)

Civilian from left to right: Johan van dan Berghe (drums), Mark van Luijk (vocals), John Thijs (guitars), David Dejeneffe (guitars), Christophe Beliën (bass)

The second Civilian record called ‘The Second’, holds a song that is exactly one second. The title song is actually shorter than Napalm Death’s ‘You Suffer’. And that’s a, yet unconfirmed, world record. Congratulations guys!
But now on to the music, because the album is more than just a one second song. It contains twelve songs, most of them being around three minutes.

Civilian plays groovy rock with some small punk-like elements. This mixture of styles makes a pleasant sound that’s nice to listen to. ‘Wrong Side Of The Road’ and the lyrically strange ‘Stars Tonight’ are two really good songs. ‘Stars Tonight’ has a fantastic sound and a good solo by David Dejeneffe. This is definitely one of the best tracks of the album.

Shoot CiviliancreditMusicMonkey - 7One of the real highlights of this album is ‘Love In The Moshpit’. The song really combines all the present styles, creating a very Anthrax like song. The fast drums make it a little thrashy and vocalist Mark van Luijk tops it off with some very Anthrax like vocals.

This brings us to one of the lesser points of this release, the vocals. Mostly the softer, more delicate parts of the music are spoiled by Van Luijk’s voice. It sounds out of tune and unpleasant to listen to, ruining a couple of songs. ‘Dead Man Walking’ is a powerful song with an awesome refrain, but the stanzas are completely ruined by the vocals. Just like the ballad ‘Closed Door’, which is only an interesting song because it ends with a historical newsflash that Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain committed suicide.

Shoot CiviliancreditMusicMonkey - 4In the end ‘The Second’ really has a lot to give, but also has parts that could have been better. These Belgian Civilian(s) have already developed an own sound very well. Also the fact that you can listen to this album over and over again is promising.
Fingers crossed for good live shows and the future creation of another album. Hopefully they will focus a little bit more on their flaws, instead of recording a precisely one second song.


1. Zusammen
2. Wrong Side Of The Road
3. Love In The Moshpit
4. Dead Man Walking
5. Stars Tonight
6. Break The Chain
7. The Second
8. Digging A Hole
9. C.E.O.
10. Tarantula
11. Closed Door
12. Hallelujahland

Released: 12 December 2014
Record-label: Independent Label


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