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Five Finger Death Punch… What is there to say? The band almost split up because of an argument during a show, but seemed to be fine just a couple of weeks later. Maybe albums work like a baby in a relationship, it’s possible it heals the wounds. And probably a little longer than nine months later there it is! The new, proud and blasting record by FFDP, ‘Got Your Six’ and they sound as good as ever.

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Five Finger Death Punch from left to right: Jason Hook (guitars), Ivan Moody (vocals), Chris Kael (bass), Zoltan Bathory (guitars) and Jeremy Spencer (drums)

After their album ‘War Is The Answer’ I kind of lost track of what FFDP were doing. I knew they recorded a couple of albums, but never got to listen to any of it. Now, when the opportunity presented itself, I got stuck with the new record. Here we go.
You can say a lot about Five Finger Death Punch, about their, sometimes, silly lyrics and them behaving like bad-asses. But there’s something that FFDP does absolutely right: write powerful heavy metal tracks. And yes, they managed to do it again.

As soon as the album arrived on my digital doorstep I dug deep into it. Opening track and title song ‘Got Your Six’ has a awesome heavy and distorted riff, but it’s refrain lacks the real BOOM! that we are used to hear. It doesn’t drag you along as good as some of their older tracks. Because of this the second track is a bit disappointing as well. On ‘Jekyll And Hyde’ Ivan Moody’s vocals in the stanza’s sound like nineties nu-metal tracks by the likes of Coal Chamber. The refrain is kind of catchy and sounds pretty awesome, but where is the heavy metal blast that we need to hear?

BandIt’s present on the rest of the album, because the rest is freaking amazing. The ‘Wash It All Away’ refrain is so very catchy, but it sounds brilliant. On the other hand the rest of it is built around a pumping, heavy metal riff. A typical Five Finger Death Punch track.
‘My Nemesis’ is not as typical as you thing, but it has a lot of Moody’s signature vocal style. He absolutely nails the refrains, like he does on ‘Question Everything’. The latter of the two also has this amazing acoustic guitar solo by Zoltan Bathory. It’s absolutely mesmerizing and very properly put into the, pretty heavy, track.

Off course FFDP also has recorded some very manly moments on ‘Got Your Six’. ‘No Sudden Movement’ is about someone that’s at gun point and who may not move. The refrain is decorated by a spoken ‘Click, Clack’ in the background. It makes the tracks very awesome, how childish it may sound: “(Click, Clack) Reload! (Click, Clack) Unload!”
Closing the record is ‘Boots And Blood’ another one of those very masculine tracks. With a lot of “F*ck” yelled into the microphone, almost every sentence. It’s a typical blasting track, with somewhat overdone swearing on it. Swear words don’t make it less awesome.

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If I look at the time I spent with ‘Got The Six’ I enjoyed every minute of it. If you put the title track in perspective, as well as ‘Jekyll And Hyde’, you get a very solid record. Some amazing clean vocals on ‘Digging My Own Grave’,  ‘Question Everything’ and ‘Wash It All Away’, while at the same time the heaviness is there as much as it always was. ‘Got Your Six’ is a typical Five Finger Death Punch album and its freaking awesome!


Released: 4 September 2015
Record-label: Eleven Seven Music/Warner ADA


  1. Got Your Six
  2. Jekyll And Hyde
  3. Wash It All Away
  4. Ain’t My Last Dance
  5. My Nemesis
  6. No Sudden Movement
  7. Question Everything
  8. Hell To Pay
  9. Digging My Own Grave
  10. Meet My Maker
  11. Boots And Blood
  12. You’re Not My Kind (Bonus)
  13. This Is My War (Bonus)
  14. I Apologize (Bonus)

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