GMM Friday Mainstage 2: In Flames

In Flames Live

This is one of those bands that has changed so much along the way. Last year they released ‘Sirens Charms’. A new direction if compared to the last one ‘Sounds Of A Playground Fading’, which was more of a non-scream metal album.

Back to the nu-metal/melodic death metal!

Siren CharmsI remember In Flames being a fairly heavy band from its ‘Come Clarity’ album, with ‘Take This Life’ as my favorite song. But way before that there were albums like ‘The Jester Race’ and ‘Lunar Strain’. Those would almost count as extreme-metal albums.

On Friday the 19th of June this band will take the second main stage to proof to the crowd that ‘Sirens Charms’ contains fantastic live material.

In flames live 2Many live reviews of the latest shows by this Swedish band have been very positive. However some of the “true” In Flames fans might be disappointed by the newer albums, the setlist on the ongoing tour has been modified so it fits both the old and the new In Flames fans.

Let’s hope they put the Belgian fans on fire and let the grass be trampled by many moshing feet.

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