GMM Friday Metal Dome: Ne Obliviscaris

ne obliviscaris band live

There’s one band I really, really want to see on the Graspop Metal Meeting Friday. That band is Ne Obliviscaris. These Australians play the smaller Metal Dome, but they should be able to blow everyone away with their progressive and extreme metal.

CitadelAfter releasing the stunning debut ‘Portal Of I’, Ne Obliviscaris has returned in 2014 with another album: ‘Citadel’. Where the first release contains a progressive masterpiece, called ‘And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope’. A track so brilliant and complex that it’s used by the Sydney as an assignment. Then you simply do something right, right?Ne-Obliviscaris-Band-Photo-2

With the combination of harsh and clean vocals, these “Aussies” are going to conquer the Metal Dome, using the power of a live violin and six amazingly technical musicians. An absolute must see for every fan of black-, progressive-, heavy- and death-metal. Go see them!


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