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Energy, power, passion and love for music. That’s what this Dutch band is all about. Straight out of Amsterdam, the rockers of the new Orange Outlaw are here to conquer the world with an old school mix of powerful hard rock meets heavy metal. Three years after the band got together their debut album is finally here. I’m not sure you can find a “real” ‘Desert Wolf’ in Amsterdam, but the album gives you almost more than you can handle!


Orange Outlaw from left to right: Jeffrey Bryan (bass), Dirkjan de Wit (guitars), Sven Cornelissen (vocals) and Mark van Grieken (drums)

There’s a certain movement in the hard rock scene that an album should be “All Killer, No Filler”. Personally, I completely agree with that point of view, but I’m also waiting for a band that manages to write more than just nine or ten amazing, three minute, tracks. Rock albums seem to get shorter and shorter over time, but you really want to feel satisfied after listening to an amazing album, right? Well, that’s the case with the debut album of Orange Outlaw.

As the album starts you immediately discover the influences that this band has. You hear the amazing voice of Sven Cornellissen that’s comparable to the golden pipes of Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy. And it’s not just the vocals that are influenced by this American band. The guitars of Dirkjan de Wit are deeply influenced by them, but also by Guns ‘n Roses and some Black Stone Cherry. To complete the line-up there’s the heavy drumming of Mark van Grieken and the solid bass performance by Jeffrey Bryan.


Let the light shine bright on the future of Orange Outlaw!

So let me introduce you to an album that’s without filler and oh so satisfying. The average of every track on the album is somewhere around the five minute mark, but without ever feeling like they take too long. The music is fast, original and absolutely terrific. Opening track ‘Charger’ immediately introduces you to how the band wants to play their music. The Kennedy inspired vocals of Cornelissen blow you away, while the riffing and solos of De Wit completely mess up your speakers.

And then the diversity kick in. ‘Charger’ is a fast mix of hard rock and heavy metal, ‘Glam On The Streets’ is way more of an old-school hard rock track. The highlight of this track is the fast bridge, leading to an amazingly catchy refrain. The riffs of De Wit tend to sound like solos, on which bass player Bryan manages to fill the gaps he leaves with some amazing bass tunes. The Mr. Big inspired track ‘Nobody Wants Me Tonight’ is easily the odd one out, but it’s amazing. Complete with an acapella intermezzo, this album gets you in a good mood every single time.

The fast driven ‘Getting Paranoid’, ‘Your Game Is Killing Me’ that’s completely drenched in Alter Bridge elements and the solid closer ‘Running Again’ make the album a complete success. With an amazing solo, some awesome bass elements and strong vocal delivery, ‘Running Again’ is one of the closers that you would want on every hard rock album. It really finishes the album in style, without ever leaving you wandering why you deserve such a treat as a listener.


Orange Outlaw is definitely one of the bands that I will be checking out very soon. The Amsterdam quartet is an amazing addition to the hard rock scene. With their mix of old school hard rock and heavy metal these four guys will absolutely make it to the big stages someday. A solid performance on every instrument and with a positive remark on every single track, ‘Desert Wolf’ can be called a success. Hard rock is back and Orange Outlaw delivers it with a frightening amount of class and energy!


Released: The 9th Of September, 2015
Record-label: Independent


  1. Charger
  2. Glam On The Streets
  3. Point Of No Return
  4. Nobody Wants Me Tonight
  5. Mary Jeane
  6. El Blanco
  7. To Me You’re Done
  8. Fast And Deadly
  9. Your Game Is Killing Me
  10. Getting Paranoid
  11. Running Again

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