Tad Morose – St. Demonius


Let me quote you the Swedish band that I’m about to review. Tad Morose claims the following: “Probably the best band in the world!” Now I know my sarcasm, and I know very well when someone is making a joke, but I just can’t leave this quote to be, without responding to it. Because Tad Morose could quite possibly also be the worst band in the world. But to judge a band you don’t know is very unprofessional, so let’s find out if ‘St. Demonius’ proves this band to be the best.

Tad Morose is releasing its eighth studio album. Ever since their first appearance in 1991 they changed line-up some times and even went on a couple of hiatuses. This could be the reason why Tad Morose never really got into the spotlights on the big stages. With their modern sounding, heavily produced heavy metal they try to take over the world with the addition of ex-Steel Attack vocalist Ronny Hemlin.

Full length album number eight, ‘St. Demonius’, kicks off with ‘Bow To The Reapers Blade’, a powerful track that starts fast and heavy, only to slow to a somewhat uncomfortable slow burning refrain. It’s not the opener that the usual heavy metal fan is waiting for, but track number two ‘Forlorn’ does quite a lot of things better. It’s in no way original, or new, but it sounds powerful and Ronny Hemlin’s vocal delivery is superb. A real shame is the last line of the amazingly catchy refrain. I don’t know who wrote it, but the last sentence “In the eyes of the future child” is way too long and matches the music in no possible way. It really gets the track out of its brilliant flow.

And that is the entire problem with Tad Morose, actually. Most of the riffs by original member Christer “Krunt” Andersson and Kenneth Jonsson are nice and heavy. The vocal delivery is solid to say the least and Hemlin leaves a very good impression on the entire record. Every element for a solid Heavy Metal album is there, but it lacks originality. Without moments that define a band, that make the music really theirs, the album is stuck in mediocrity. There are countless of bands that I can mention that sound a lot like Tad Morose, as well in musical sound as in vocals.


What misses is the personal touch from these Swedes. The revival of Tad Morose has been a good thing, surely, but the record needs something else to get lifted from the masses. After listening to the album I missed a true highlight. Something that struck me as amazing, or extraordinary, that kept me interested through the entire album. To get back to Tad Morose’s claim: They might be the best band in the world, they could also be the worst, but I’ll leave it in between. ‘St. Demonius’ is a solid heavy metal record.


Released: 28 August 2015
Record-label: Despotz Records
Website: www.tadmorose.se
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tadmorose


  1. Bow To The Reapers Blade
  2. Forlorn
  3. Where Ignorance Reigns
  4. Remain
  5. Black Fire
  6. Day Of Reckoning
  7. The Shadows Play
  8. Darkness Prevail
  9. Fear Subside
  10. Dream Of Memories
  11. The World Is Growing Old
  12. Your Own Demise

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