Sabaton Saturday: ‘Coat Of Arms’


With the recent success of films like ‘300’ and ‘300: Rise Of An Empire’, you could almost feel that the Sabaton track ‘Coat Of Arms’ is about this same time period. But that is not true. On this week’s Sabaton Saturday the real background of ‘Coat Of Arms’: The Greco-Italian War.

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Sabaton Saturday: ‘Ghost Division’

Sabaton Guitar+Bass live

Together with ’40:1′ this might just be Sabaton’s most praised track. ‘Ghost Division’ has been their concert opener for quite some time now, probably because the impact of the drums is live even more gripping than on the album. Everyone who has seen them live should be able to recall the opening moment where vocalist Joakim Bróden yells: “We are Sabaton! And here is Ghost Divisiooooooon!”.

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