Orange Outlaw – Desert Wolf


Energy, power, passion and love for music. That’s what this Dutch band is all about. Straight out of Amsterdam, the rockers of the new Orange Outlaw are here to conquer the world with an old school mix of powerful hard rock meets heavy metal. Three years after the band got together their debut album is finally here. I’m not sure you can find a “real” ‘Desert Wolf’ in Amsterdam, but the album gives you almost more than you can handle!

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Review: Hardcore Superstar – HCSS


The Gothenburg, Sweden, based Hardcore Superstar is nothing of what the name suggests. The aggressive “hardcore” genre we sometimes hear in metal is something completely different when compared to what Hardcore Superstar makes. With their so-called “Street Metal” these Swedes have managed to get some great mainstream success. Now they want to go back to their roots with the release of their tenth record ‘HCSS’.

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Review: Mabel Greer’s Toyshop – ‘A New Way Of Life’

Album Cover Image

Nostalgia, is sometimes referred to as some kind of sickness. You should not be nostalgic, don’t look back to the past, but focus on the present and keep track of what’s going to come. But I personally don’t mind some good old nostalgic moments, especially in music.

And along comes Mabel Greer’s Toyshop! The predecessor of the legendary prog-rock band Yes. ‘A New Way Of Life’ could be another major trip to the past on a disc. But is this true?

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