Ostrogoth release music video for ‘Clouds’

The Belgian old-school rockers of Ostrogoth have released their first ever music video!
‘Clouds’ is the track we’re talking about, taken from their latest album ‘Last Tribe Standing’. The video is produced by Jeroen Mylle.

You seriously want to click here for the review of ‘Last Tribe Standing’.
And maybe you want to visit Ostrogoth’s website: www.ostrogothofficial.com
Or even their Facebook: www.facebook.com/ostrogothofficial

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Sabaton Saturday: ‘The Price Of A Mile’


We, the Dutch people, have never really experienced the horrors that the World War I brought along. With the excuse of being “neutral”, we were ignored by the German forces that cut straight through Belgium, without harming Holland.

Sabaton have written a song about the horrors of the First World War, ‘The Price Of A Mile’. It’s about all the young men being stuck in a trench, knee-deep in the muddy water. It was cold, it was filthy, everyone was afraid. People were dying out there. And if you didn’t die, you were going insane.

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Review: Guilty As Charged – ‘Leap Of Faith’


The last couple of years the thrash metal scene has been dominated by mostly older and more experienced bands. It seems to be hard for youngsters to get the same kind of success.

But last year there was an album by a couple of younger, Belgian guys. They call themselves Guilty As Charged and have released one solid thrash metal album: ‘Leap Of Faith’.

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Review: Ostrogoth – ‘Last Tribe Standing’

LTS front

This Belgian band is one that has released its last official album in 1987. After ten years of being inactive the group decided to come back together in 2010 to rock some more. And that’s exactly what they did! ‘Last Tribe Standing’ is what we’d call “a comeback with a vengeance”.

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Review: Civilian – ‘The Second’

hoes kleiner

A lot of people have the ambition to do something special. They might even set a world record. The fun thing about world records is that you can do it in every way you want. So if you are a band and you want to make the world’s “shortest song”, you can do that. And Civilian has decided it was the time to break the current record.

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Sabaton Saturday: ‘Resist And Bite’

This weeks song comes from the latest Sabaton album ‘Heroes’. A lot of things have been said about this new album, some thought it was fantastic, others thought the Swedes could have done better. To leave it in the middle there are some good and some a bit worse. After last weeks Sabaton Saturday about General Rommel’s ‘Ghost Division’, we grab a story of a group of soldiers that opposed the invading Germans.

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Sabaton Saturday: ‘Ghost Division’

Sabaton Guitar+Bass live

Together with ’40:1′ this might just be Sabaton’s most praised track. ‘Ghost Division’ has been their concert opener for quite some time now, probably because the impact of the drums is live even more gripping than on the album. Everyone who has seen them live should be able to recall the opening moment where vocalist Joakim Bróden yells: “We are Sabaton! And here is Ghost Divisiooooooon!”.

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