Sabaton Saturday: ‘Coat Of Arms’


With the recent success of films like ‘300’ and ‘300: Rise Of An Empire’, you could almost feel that the Sabaton track ‘Coat Of Arms’ is about this same time period. But that is not true. On this week’s Sabaton Saturday the real background of ‘Coat Of Arms’: The Greco-Italian War.

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A new Lords Of Metal edition!

A new year, a new month and also a new issue of the monthly e-zine Lords Of Metal!

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This month I also had an interview with Gus Drax, guitarist of the Greek band Black Fate. Check it out here:

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3. Need – Orvam (A Song For Home)

Need-Orvam-A-Song-for-Home Cover

This is a very interesting entry, mostly because a lot of you will not know the band. Need is a Greek band that fell onto my doorstep last summer to be reviewed for the Lords Of Metal e-zine. After having released two pretty bad albums, they return with ‘Orvam (A Song For Home)’ and it is one big succes.

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