Graspop 2015 Mainstage 1: Cavalera Conspiracy


It was a thing that lot of Sepultura fans claim to be their dreams come true. Not even in their wildest dreams most would expect the Cavalera brothers to come together and make music again. Yet it happened and after their third album ‘Pandemonium’ the Cavalera Conspiracy is live on Graspop 2015.

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GMM Friday Headliner One: KISS

Kiss, Nowadays

Because I reckon most of you will know the actual headliners, there will be two headliners posted on the same day. The fun in this series will be the smaller and more unknown bands that play this festival on a stage in a small tent.

In 2014 the Graspop management decided to build an extra main-stage. This results in more bands and also, a double amount of Headliners! The first day, Friday, the 19th of June, will be closed off by two big players in their own scene. Legendary rock band KISS and the industrial maniac Marilyn Manson.

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