Månegarm – Månegarm


Folk and Pagan bands that really make an effort out of their music, taking things seriously, without changing into a beer drinking gimmick. That’s something I can really enjoy. There are too much of those semi-serious bands that don’t seem to care and just fool around a bit. Something which is completely different with the Swedish Vikings of Månegarm. With fire and steel they are here to conquer your speakers with their new, self-titled album: ‘Månegarm’.

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Sabaton Saturday: ‘Nuclear Attack’

sabaton tabl

My first four Sabaton Saturday posts have all been about happenings in the European part of the world. While both WWI and WWII were fought on, mostly, European grounds, the impact has reached almost every corner of the world.

This time I will analyze the most terrible and terrifying happening that marked the end of WWII and also drew the outlines for years of unease and the so-called “Cold War”. The very first atom-bomb being dropped above Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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