Review: Waiting For – The Hexen

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I have been talking about how many great new albums and bands are coming from Belgium these days. Lately we had Guilty As Charged, Ethernity and Ostrogoth to name a couple of them. But lo and behold, another Belgian band sent their record to fall onto my doormat. Waiting For releases their debut album called: ‘The Hexen’.

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Ostrogoth release music video for ‘Clouds’

The Belgian old-school rockers of Ostrogoth have released their first ever music video!
‘Clouds’ is the track we’re talking about, taken from their latest album ‘Last Tribe Standing’. The video is produced by Jeroen Mylle.

You seriously want to click here for the review of ‘Last Tribe Standing’.
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Review: Ostrogoth – ‘Last Tribe Standing’

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This Belgian band is one that has released its last official album in 1987. After ten years of being inactive the group decided to come back together in 2010 to rock some more. And that’s exactly what they did! ‘Last Tribe Standing’ is what we’d call “a comeback with a vengeance”.

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