Monster Magnet – Cobras And Fire


When the new album by Monster Magnet arrived at my digital doorstep, I was surprised by what I got to hear. Somehow, I imagined Monster Magnet to be way heavier, with grunts and aggressive guitars. But when the album started to play, there was a big surprise waiting for me. ‘Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)’ is nowhere near this aggressive sound. Therefore I gave it a little more time to sink in, but then I read something else that surprised me.

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Review: Bob Wayne – Hits The Hits


Have you always wanted to hear punk rock with a fiddle? Or The Rolling Stones’ ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ played on a banjo? Or Adele’s famous James Bond soundtrack ‘Skyfall’ with a harmonic? Then Bob Wayne is the musician you are looking for! His new record ‘Hits The Hits’ is a collection of modern and classic songs completely modified into what he plays best: country music. How does that sound, you ask? Oddly refreshing.

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2. Slash – World On Fire

slash - world on fire cover

After failing with multiple solo experiments, Slash, the famous Guns ‘N Roses guitarist, has released his third solo album.
At first we were surprised with the self-titled album on which multiple vocalists, like Lemmy from Mötorhead and Ozzy Osbourne.

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