Sabaton Saturday: ’40:1′


Another one of Sabaton’s timeless classics and an absolute fan favorite, I guess. It’s one of those songs that fans want to hear them play, and Sabaton approves of that.

This week on Sabaton Saturday, the start of World War II in 1939. The year that the Germans invaded Poland and sparked the flame of war in Europe.

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Sabaton Saturday: ‘Inmate 4859’

Live sabaton

Sometimes a war is all about groups of soldiers. Battalions, regiments or resistance groups. But the most intriguing war stories are mostly about single persons. One man, or woman, that decided there were things to be done and duties to be fulfilled.

After Simo Häyhä, also known as White Death, I will discuss another single war hero. Witold Pilecki was a dedicated Polish soldier and the leader of the Polish cavalry. After the conquering of Poland by the Germans, he decided, together with his general Włodarkiewicz to found the Secret Polish Army. A resistance group dedicated to undermine the German rule.

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