The Bones – Flash The Leather


For me, German language in music is not really the best of first impressions. Yes, off course there’s Rammstein, who use their native language very well, but most of the time it’s just wrong. Why in heavens name does a Swedish band like The Bones use this unsexy German sound? Nothing but respect to our German readers, but your language is not the way to create a rock ‘n roll record. Let’s see what ‘Flash The Leather’ does.

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Review: Cancer Bats – Searching For Zero

Review: Cancer Bats - Searching For Zero

When I was a kid the Canadian band Cancer Bats were a real hype. I never had anything with the band. At the time metalcore was one of the last subgenres I’d be attracted to, so no Cancer Bats for me. Now, quite some years later, I got slightly more adjusted to the punk and metalcore scene. So I decided to give the new Cancer Bats, ‘Searching For Zero’ a try.

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