Sabaton Saturday: ‘Night Witches’

Sabaton - Heroes Cover art

In, and after, the second world war the rights and places of women in the world, and especially in the United States, changed drastically. The men were gone off to fight in the overseas war and slowly the women were forced to be doing the tasks the men used to do, before they left.
But also in the war itself, women were very much involved. So this week on Overall Loudness’ Sabaton Saturday: The 588th Night Bomber Regiment, a.k.a. the ‘Night Witches’.

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Sabaton Saturday: ‘White Death’

Sabaton bandpic

First of all I hope you all had a very happy Christmas and enjoyed the warmth of family and friends in these cold winter days. I also have to apologize to you all for the lack of a Sabaton Saturday yesterday. With the aftermath of Christmas I entirely forgot to post a Sabaton analyses.

And therefore I will post a Sabaton Sunday this time, completely matching with the snow that is coming down here, in Holland, but also in a lot of other country’s. Today we look at one of the most amazingly accurate snipers ever to exist. Simo Häyhä a.k.a. ‘White Death’.

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Sabaton Saturday: ‘Ghost Division’

Sabaton Guitar+Bass live

Together with ’40:1′ this might just be Sabaton’s most praised track. ‘Ghost Division’ has been their concert opener for quite some time now, probably because the impact of the drums is live even more gripping than on the album. Everyone who has seen them live should be able to recall the opening moment where vocalist Joakim Bróden yells: “We are Sabaton! And here is Ghost Divisiooooooon!”.

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