Review: Smash Into Pieces – ‘The Apocalypse DJ’

141203_SIP_Apocalypse DJ_1500x1500

Sometimes there are these bands that do nothing new at all. They just seem to thrive on the success of a pretty much well-known sound of one, or more, bands. That’s the kind of band Smash Into Pieces is, but they have their stuff figured out alright.

“Anything standing between us and our dreams, we Smash Into Pieces”, the band states. A clear message you could say, especially when the “tough guy”pictures attract your attention. A Swedish band, with a mission, a mission to take over the world.

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5. Blues Pills- Blues Pills

bluespills cover

It’s amazing how easy it sometimes seems to be. A woman decides to form a new band, with a bit of a hippy, retro sound. Then she recruits a couple of metal musicians that agree to give in to the sound, to make a lovely prog-rock album, with it’s roots deep into the psychedelic. And that’s exactly Blues Pills.

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