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One of the bands that gets copied a lot these days is Soilwork. It doesn’t exactly help that vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid tends to grace quite a lot of bands, that sound like his, with a guest appearance. As a matter of fact, the French guys that play in T.A.N.K. (Think Of A New Kind) have been connected with Soilwork for quite some time now. After winning the European Metal Battle, playing summer festivals like Wacken Open Air in Germany, their Crowdfunding campaign for the tour after their third album ‘Symbiosis’ was successfully backed. Let’s see what people are so exited about.

It was a short summary, but T.A.N.K. has been rolling around for quite a while now. With aggressive, as others would name it, melodic death metal the band has managed to settle a bit of a name for themselves. But here arrives the time to deliver the, some say crucial, third record. With Hellfest and Wacken, two big, European festivals already scratched from the list, the band should be able to take a solid stance in the death metal genre.

Like AK-47’s the drums bang along to set the pace and rhythm of opening track ‘Symbiosis’. A little too loud, to be honest. With some extremely tight drumming and the sound being very present in the final mix, the drums could prove to be a little bit too much. Almost like the industrial metal musicians of Fear Factory the band blasts away with solid chunks of fast, death metal. It creates a real appetite for the rest of the album.

T.A.N.K. has the habit to shift from heavy, industrial death metal music with the more melodic kinds. ‘Symbiosis’ holds a good mix of both of these sides. Where tracks like ‘The Chrysalis’ and ‘Troubled Days’ tend to be more melodic, there are also heavy ones like ‘Legacy’, ‘Like Vultures’, and ‘From The Straight And Narrow’. Of course the melodic parts sound like Soilwork, but that’s what everyone has told them already. As a listener I very much enjoy the fact that most of it is not at all like it’s Swedish predecessors.

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‘Legacy’, for example, is very heavy, very aggressive, but also very enjoyable, if you get into the track well. If you expect melodic death metal, it could be hard to get used to. This is T.A.N.K., after all. ‘Symbiosis’ is an album that’s far more than just a copy of Soilwork. Even though they will go on a European tour together. There are far heavier tracks on this third album. T.A.N.K.’s Frenchmen have sorted themselves out very well, and ‘Symbiosis’ might prove to be a very solid stepping stone for a bright future.


Released: 21 September 2015
Record-label: Symbol Muzik Records
Website: www.thinkofanewkind.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thinkofanewkind


  1. Away?
  2. Symbiosis
  3. From The Straight And Narrow
  4. Baneful Storm
  5. Nihil
  6. Blood Relation (feat. Björn “Speed” Strid)
  7. The Chrysalis
  8. Troubled Days
  9. Drawing Hope
  10. Legacy
  11. Like Vultures
  12. The Edge Of Time

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