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This is a band that confused me, to say the least. Led by ex-OTEP guitarist Scotty CH, the American band The Secret VI has released some new music last summer. Five years after their last effort, a period in which the band almost disappeared from the scene, they came back with the EP ‘Mixed Episode’. An effort that that gave me some mixed feelings, that’s for sure.

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The three members behind The Secret VI, from left to right: Scotty CH (guitar), Marc Padgett (vocals) and Rick Lozano (bass)

As the Alaskan Scotty left OTEP, he claimed to be fed up with the music he had to play, which was not the music he wanted to make. After that he decided to team up with the California based vocalist Marc Padgett and Rick Lozano on bass. The three of them released their first album ‘Eclipse Of The Soul’ in 2010.

Scotty CH claimed that he wanted to make music that was the closest to his heart, so he decided move back to the death metal he loved so much. But that’s where the confusion starts. As their debut album was fairly heavy, combined with some clean vocals, this new EP is going into a wholly different direction.

The ‘Mixed Episode’ contains three tracks which each hold a fairly different kind of music. Opener ‘Plastic Smile’ is more of a hard rock track, combined with a quite modern vocal approach. It’s a catchy track, which turns out to be better than it sounds. The refrain of this track could even prove to hold one of the best, most catchy refrains I’ve heard in 2015.

Following is ‘You’re All Bark’, which shows an entirely different side of this trio. As it turns out, the band also has a fascination with the more rap kind of rock and metal. Something completely different from the first track and especially different from the previous album. The love for death metal has been put aside and rock has taken over. You could say it’s like modern metal, combined with some Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Finishing the EP is a track that’s more in line with the previous one. ‘Driven’ starts with a sample, followed by a heavy riff. The vocals are put back in the mix, which means that the track sounds a bit dull and without depth. In the end, this track is the lesser one of the three, with most of the rap elements. The combination of rap and metal has never been my favorite, but it’s executed well on this EP.

Whether The Secret VI goes and explores the rap metal on the new full-length album, or they decide to return to the death metal they used to make on their first record is up to them. Scotty CH and his two companions are showing their diversity, but I’m not quite sure how this record will hold up. Everything that’s the ‘Mixed Episode’ EP could be tossed aside on a new album. I’m curious of what musical directions these American will go in the future.

Released: The 18th of September 2015
Record-label: Head First Entertainment


  1. Plastic Smile
  2. You’re All Bark
  3. Driven

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