Sabaton Saturday: ‘Wolfpack’


Let me begin by apologizing for the fact that I did not post a Sabaton Saturday last week. I had a tough week, finishing a lot of stuff for school and in the meantime working for a new boss. I know, a bad excuse, but it happened and therefore I apologize.

So now to the new Sabaton Saturday. Most wars are fought mostly on land. That are the wars that I always got taught about at school and that children hear about these days. But this story is one that took place on the Atlantic ocean. This is all about the ‘Wolfpack’, an alternative name for the groups of German submarines during the Second World War.


An allied convoy, 1941

We call the battle on the Atlantic ocean simply “Battle For The Atlantic”. It’s known as the longest, non-stop military campaign ever. During from 1939 to the defeat of Nazi-Germany in 1945.

What would be the main reason for this war? It simply started with an Allied blockade of Germany, which produced a counter-blockade by the German forces. While the war raged in Europe, Germany decided that it would be right to conquer the United Kingdom.

German U-boat

A typical German U-boat (Unterseeboot)

As most of you might know, the UK is a nation surrounded completely by water. This made the invasion with land units nearly impossible, that’s why the Germans tried to conquer it by using air-strikes and other air-based technology. But in the meantime, the Allied forces were trying to supply the UK overseas.

The German forces tried to intercept the supplies that were sent to the UK by using their stealthy submarines. In the song a convoy, convoy 92, is mentioned. This was a naval convoy leaving the UK, from Liverpool, on the 6th of May, 1942. A day later they are joined by an
Allied escort force, to guide the ships back to North America.

A dock for U-boats stationed in France

A dock for U-boats stationed in France

But there came the German U-boats, short for Unterseeboot. A group, consisting of nine U-boats intercepted the convoy late at night. The submarines sunk fourteen ships holding 62,709 GRT (Gross Registered Tons). The remaining ships made it to Halifax, USA.

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